About Alex

Alex Boon is a nature artist and writer based in East Devon, UK. He draws upon his background in environmental sciences and love of nature to produce his written and visual work. His aim is to encourage the reader or viewer to engage more intimately with the commonplace and find value in nature close to home.

Alex’s nature journals began in 2016 and capture moments of time in written and visual imagery. He works mainly in inks and coloured pencils and writes artistically, viewing words as another artistic medium for description. His journals blend handwriting with landscape and nature studies to produce an original overall compositional effect.

Alex is also the creator of Lapine Botanica, a series of ink and coloured pencil drawings celebrating the flower and plant names of the rabbits of Richard Adams’ Watership Down. He produces seasonal artworks, celebrating the local flora and fauna and enjoys seamlessly integrating separate studies into a larger composition.

Alex Boon, artist, illustrator, writer