About me

Artist and writer, YouTube nature journaling educator, land walker, wild swimmer, and professional observer of nature’s details, I love to share my nature journals, fine art pieces, and illustrations.

I started nature journaling in 2016, and it has since become my passion and the major focus of my life. Creating nature journals and teaching nature journaling are my favourite things to do!

I have been interested in nature, art, and writing since I was a child. I wrote and illustrated my own stories throughout my formative years, many of these stories I still have, though others have been sadly lost.

After a failed attempt at an illustration degree at art school, I changed direction to the natural sciences and attained a degree in environmental science followed by a PhD in soil science.

I now split my time between working as an artist and illustrator, teaching nature journaling online and in person, creating content for my YouTube channel, and working as a freelance scientific editor.

I create original artwork that is informed by my nature journaling and time spent outdoors. I share nature journaling through a range of different routes such as social media, in-person talks and workshops, and online teaching.

I am committed to sharing the mindful process of nature journaling to help combat the modern disconnect with nature and help people find joy in the small details of nature close to home.

Features, podcasts, exhibitions, and appearances

This page shows all of my past appearances in features, blogs, podcasts, and talks. If you’d like to book me to give a workshop or talk or to feature me in one of your outputs please send me an email at alexboonart@gmail.com to discuss.


Art Journaling and Nature Journaling with Alex Boon – The Nature Journal Show, Marley Peifer, February 2022.

“Trees in Art” Exhibition, Kennaway House, Sidmouth, April 2022.

The Daily Nature Journal  – Journaling with Nature Podcast Episode 88, May 2022.

Devon Open Studios, Umborne Bridge Studio, Colyton, September 2022

“70 Years, 70 Trees” Exhibition, Westonbirt Arboretum, October 2022.

Nature Journaling and Nature Art” Presentation at Lyme Regis Art Society.


Extracts from a Nature Journal by Alex Boon – The Clearing, Little Toller, August 2021.

Devon Open Studios, Umborne Bridge Studio, Colyton, September 2021

Notes to Self, by Rebecca Frank. Simple Things Magazine, October 2021, Nature journal p57.


Nature journaling, nature connection and “deep immersion” into experience – International Nature Journaling Week Blog, April 2020.

What else is here? – Journaling with Nature Podcast Episode 16, November 2020.

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