Lapine Botanica

“Lapine Botanica” is a series of collectible rabbit and botanical art based on the book “Watership Down” by Richard Adams. I have always loved the book, particularly Adams’ rich descriptions of the flora and fauna of the English countryside. Over time, I became preoccupied with his use of tree and plant names as the names of the rabbits and the fact that many people can no longer recognise most of the plants described. This series aims to reconnect people with the names and forms of flowers and trees common in the UK via the medium of my beautiful rabbit designs. Each rabbit contains the tree or plant of its namesake, produced in ink and coloured pencil.

My Lapine Botanica illustrations are available to buy as Giclée fine art prints in my Etsy shop.

Other work

I work with the seasons, producing original pieces in coloured pencils and ink on whatever subject is capturing my attention at the time. My work always has a strong focus on the manipulation of space to create collage-like compositions with an exaggeration of colour and contrast.

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