zoom WORKSHOP | may 7th 2023 16:00 gmt

How to start
a nature journal

My tips for establishing a realistic and dependable nature journaling habit

Have you tried keeping a nature journal?
Want to learn about this creative way to engage with your local natural environment?

It's not always easy to get started, but I'm here to help.
In this workshop, I’ll be revealing a raft of my best tips and secrets that will help you to make your first marks in your own nature journal.

Limited to 15 places

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Do you feel....

Unclear about how to start documenting nature and express yourself in a journal?

Lost when you look at that big empty first page?

Uncertain of what to write about or draw?

Blocked by comparing yourself with people with an established practice?

A lack of confidence in your artistic, writing, or identification skills?

may 7th 2023 16:00 gmt on Zoom

how to START a nature journal: the Workshop

Just £20

Limited to 15 places

Out of stock

What can you expect?


We begin with a 40-minute Zoom session, in which I will tell you my favourite techniques for starting a nature journal.


There will be a 1-hour 20 minute break for you to go out and try the techniques. This is a critical part – an opportunity for you to try it out yourself, setting time aside, with the chance to discuss any issues afterwards.


We’ve all gone out and had a go. In this 40-minute session, there is a chance to discuss, ask questions, and share if you want to. We consider any barriers you found during your practice, and how to attack those next time.

PLUS! The Workbook

All attendees will receive, in advance, an illustrated 5-page .pdf workbook that explains the methods we will be using in the class. You can use this as reference in the break, and going forward with your new nature journaling habit.

Hey, I'm Alex!

My love for nature journaling arises from an artistic background and years of studying environmental science, followed by a 6-year period of intense nature journaling practice. I’m best known for intricate, detailed, and aesthetic nature journal pages, but I am here to tell you that the “pretty” work comes from a lot of free mess-making and constraint-free writing in my dedicated outdoor journals.

My passion for taking a nature journal on every single walk has transformed into a mission to help others find the joy in creatively recording nature experience. Over the last few years, I’ve helped people discover their inner creative and use their journals to tell the unique story of their own relationship with nature.

Your questions answered

Do I need to have any experience?

All you need is a desire to experience nature first hand and creatively record it. Bring your passion for nature along, the rest can come later.

What will i need?

One sketchbook and one pencil or pen. No need for any fancy art supplies. I recommend you print out the workbook or have it ready in an e-reader, tablet, or phone. You’ll probably want it for reference during the nature journaling break.

I’ve got nowhere to go in the break, can i still attend?

No problem at all. I recommend that some time before the class, you go out and grab a few “nature finds” or even have a few house plants handy. If all else fails, raid the fridge for some veggies or fruit and make sure you can see out of a window if possible. You can still use the techniques on this.

How many people will be attending?

A maximum of 15 attendees. This will allow plenty of time for sharing, questions, and discussion in the all-important second half of the session.

Will the workshop be recorded?

No, this workshop is a live event only to support the forthcoming online course “How to Start a Nature Journal”. The course is where you will find this information in a format to return to again and again. But remember you’ll always have the workshop-exclusive 5-page workbook!

Face that blank page fear! The secret to establishing a regular nature journaling habit is going in with a plan of how you want to start, and I'm here to help you work it out.

Please note: by signing up for this workshop, you undertake to attend the class. there are no cancellations after payment.

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