Painting Nature in Derwent Inktense Course Guide


This 10-page illustrated guide accompanies the video course “Painting Nature in Derwent Inktense” available here. However, I have also made this guide available to those who may prefer to read the content rather than watch a video course.

Topics covered in the guide include:

  • Introduction to the Derwent Inktense range
  • Which colours to buy
  • Swatching exercises and template
  • Tonal painting exercise
  • How to paint botanical studies in Inktense
  • How to paint from a photo in Inktense
  • Common problems and how to tackle them

The guide is a 10-page e-document (.pdf). The document will be available to download from a link that will be sent to your email after purchase. There are two prices: one for use by an individual or family, and another for classroom/club/organisation/community/a larger number of individuals. Please select the option that best suits your intended use, thank you!

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